A Photographer Who is Changing Boundary’s

Updated: Jun 11

Many of us may not be aware that mainstream photography has been in existence for over 100 years and you may very well have though the artists who exercise it would be pretty well fruitful by this time. There is always a small number of artists who break the bounds of conventional though, master the latest technical innovations and find new outlets to share their enthusiasm for the art.

I have faith this story could easily be entitled “Global Photographers Who Are Striving to Change Photography”, because as I wrote it, I came upon many instances than I could count of photographers who are pushing the limits of their craft.

Photographer: Abdy Mercado

With as little as less than a year practicing his craft, Abdy Mercado has gathered his share of admirable and impressive collections of photography. But, in my opinion, the most impressive thing Abdy has done is to combine his passion for humanity with his love of photography. Combining multiple interests into a single hobby is something many of us have done, but Abdy took it one big step farther and made it a successful business.

There are a host of great photographers on this planet of ours, and Abdy is one of the fastest growing photographers of all times, but it’s his determination, boldness and work ethics that impress me the most.

Wearing my Skin like a BOSS

Featured on “VOGUE Italia, PhotoVogue,” on Sep. 2, 2019

Photography by: Abdy Mercado

Abdy is a fourteen time featured photographer on “VOGUE Italia, PhotoVogue,” as his very first feature came just three months after he began his journey in the photography industry. Abdy wants the possibility to continue to aspire both humanity and upcoming photographers, to leave a meaning behind both his name and art.

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